The Infallibles

When a gang of robbers provokes chaos in Paris and humiliates the police, the Minister of the Interior wants new blood at the helm of the investigation: Alia is from Marseille, fiery-tempered and unmanageable, Hugo is Parisian, valedictorian and meticulous. In short, they have every reason to hate each other. A forced alliance, for better or for worse, or maybe blossoming into something else?

Genre: Comedy, Action

Director: Frédéric Forestier

Cast: Inès Reg, Kévin Debonne, Vincent Rottiers, Moussa Maaskri, François Neycken, Pierre Olivier, Hugo Gonzalez, Daphné Huynh, Loriane Klupsch, Adèle Sierra

Country: France

Duration: 1h 39m

Quality: HD

Release: 2024

The Infallibles (2024) - IMDb  5.9