Go! Anpanman: Baikinman and the Book of Lulun

One day, Baikinman finds a picture book, hears a voice calling for help from inside the book, and is sucked into the book, where he meets the forest fairy Lulun. Lulun, who is too scared to muster up the courage, asks her to defeat the "Sucking Elephant" that is rampaging in the forest. Although Lulun is reluctant at first, she gains courage when she sees Baikinman standing up to Suitoruzo, but she is forced to struggle against Suitoruzo's strength. In a desperate situation, Baikinman tells Lulun to call Anpanman, but...

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Family

Director: Jun Kawagoe

Cast: Aya Ueto, Keiko Toda, Ryusei Nakao, Koichi Yamadera, Rei Sakuma, Mina Tominaga, Kazuki Yao, Sumi Shimamoto, Michiyo Yanagisawa, Mika Kanai

Country: Japan

Duration: 1h 4m

Quality: HD

Release: 2024

Go! Anpanman: Baikinman and the Book of Lulun (2024) - IMDb  6